OUR Services

Retail Security

Our retail security team offers loss prevention, customer service, and brand protection.

Risk Management

With proper identification, analysis and evaluation of threats, the best method for treating hazards can be determined.

Mobile Patrols

Maximize the value of your services while increasing your level of protection of your premises with mobile security patrols.


Our concierge security services cover operations of the concierge, front desk and doorman.

Security Services

Our security services cater to a wide range of customers from varying industries.

Corporate & Function Security

Organizing a corporate function requires an in-depth understanding of certain key elements.

Crowd Control/Event Security

In any moderate to big gathering, safety and security is one of the biggest concerns.

Traffic Controllers

Our highly efficient traffic controllers will assist you in creating a traffic management scheme fit to your needs.

Workplace Safety on COVID-19

The tragedy that is the COVID-19 has left everyone vulnerable and at-risk.


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