Mobile patrol services are the cost effective security services that are suitable for regions and premises where security is a major concern. For all those properties and businesses that do not need static security services, our mobile patrol services are the best suited.

Besides providing visible deterrent services, our mobile patrol officers also check premises for any sign of intrusion or for open windows and doors or for any unwanted person. The primary purpose of these services is to discover any kind of vandalism and deter property loss. The strong profile of security patrols and with well-equipped security vehicles, the deterrent effect can lay more strong security emphasis on the clients as well as individuals in general.

Features of our mobile patrol services over dedicated on site security officers are:

Mobile Patrol services are more cost effective
When keeping a permanent security officer seems to be cost prohibitive, a mobile patrol services may give an option of cost effective security services. As only a limited time period is spent to check the property it becomes less expensive as compared to a permanent security officer. Choosing mobile patrol services can be proven a right decision for any business / residential as it helps in maximizing the safety by minimizing risks in a cost-effective way.

These services have higher visibility
Trained Security officers with modern vehicles and high visible livery make mobile patrol services more highly visible. The pre-arranged frequency is always fulfilled to offer an effective visible deterrent. The patrol of commercial or private properties is done thoroughly via complete drive through security patrol service officers.

Patrol Visits Records
Each patrol visit is recorded and backed up so as to provide client’s the proof of patrol’s visit. It not only gives peace of mind to the clients but also keep a track of patrol’s visit specifications. With the feature of data recording system, clients can monitor patrols movement as and when required.

We provide a responsive counter measure against any kind of intrusion strategy. Besides providing 24×7 Ad Hoc round the clock surveillance services, we have a fleet of security officers and supervisors that are trained, skilled and experienced in their respective work profiles. Also, the patrol services designed in a flexible way so that they can mould as per needs and requirement.